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A data-driven solution to help companies manage diversity and inclusion in their marketing and employer branding

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Why No-kno

Brands and employers damage their reputation and lose revenue or candidates by not being inclusive in their marketing. But most marketers don’t have data on how diverse or inclusive their ads objectively are.

  • Migration and aging are causing our demographics to change rapidly. Marketing communication should reflect that.
  • Minority groups represent significant buying power
  • Consumers are more likely to consider a product after seeing an ad they think is diverse or inclusive
  • Employer brands that lack diversity are less attractive in the war for talent
  • Next to the business benefits, it is the right thing to do

No-Kno Platform

Our data-driven solution allows marketers to track, manage and report the D&I performance of their campaigns

After we connect your ad accounts and owned media to the No-Kno platform, it continuously scans your creative assets. With state-of-the-art image analysis we analyze demographic and behavioral patterns. This reveals the diversity of the people represented in the ads, in addition to potential stereotypical elements.

Chart of 3 components of the Nokno platform: connectors, asset analysis and Nokno dashboard


Get visibility

Get visibility on representation in all your creative assets, across markets, and across paid and owned channels.


Benchmark against competitors and best practices.

Have a dialogue about facts and objectives

Setting objectives per brand and per region, allows for a fact-based discussion about D&I in your marketing and employer branding.

Report objective metrics

Have objective performance metrics for D&I in marketing to report to your board, stakeholders and in ESG reports.

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