Target User FAQ

Brands and marketing teams

No-Kno was developed with global marketing executives and local marketing teams in mind. We offer continuous measurement via the No-Kno Platform through a yearly subscription model, which includes access to the platform and workshops to discuss insights.

Talent acquisition and HR teams

The importance of inclusive communication in employer branding and recruitment communication cannot be overstated. We can work with HR departments the same way we work with marketing departments for talent acquisition campaigns that are handled by HR.

Creative Agencies and consultants

We are happy to collaborate with agencies and consultants if a client brand decides to work with No-Kno. Data, insights, and reports are provided by No-Kno, while the agency or consultant handles inclusive communication strategy and governance.

Aside from that, No-Kno can also be used by creative agencies and consultants as a Quick Scan to get insights for pitches and workshops. All owned media of your client or their competitors can be scanned without requiring API connections.